Set up by John Emary, Aquascutum began as a Mayfair tailors in 1851. From its beginnings, fine craftsmanship and innovation have been at the very ethos of the brand, and two years after opening; Emary, seeing an opportunity for more refined rainwear, created and patented the first waterproof wool.

This unique creation led to inspire the brands name, which translates as “water shield” from Latin and was the first company to provide the British army with innovative waterproof cloth during the Crimean war. 

The company’s growing success lead to a relocation of the flagship store to 100 Regent Street in 1895.

Promoted by King Edward the VII, he became the first royal client ordering a AQ coat in the Prince of Wales check. In 1897, a royal warrant was received, marking the first of a further five through the years. Soon afterwards in 1900 Aquascutum began designing outerwear for women with the functionality of the coats and capes becoming popular with the suffragettes.

Aquascutum developed the iconic trench coat in 1914, for use by the British military during both World Wars. These garments received much praise on the front line, due to shelter that they provided from both the cold and wet. This dedication to practicality and impeccable style meant that the trench soon after became an integral part of British fashion.

1953 saw the development of the Wyncol Fabric which was used by explorer Edmund Hilary and team for the first ascent of Everest. This high tech cotton and nylon poplin mix was capable of resisting winds up to 100 MPH and was then subsequently used for outerwear that was sold in-store.

Six years later saw another Aquascutum breakthrough in garment technology with Aqua Five being hailed as “the greatest technical advance in rainwear”. The process involved impregnating each fibre of the fabric, resulting in a water repellent and crease resistant garment.

Throughout its history the brand has dressed countless members of royalty, film stars, politicians and celebrities alike, all attracted by the craftsmanship, quality and timeless appeal of the brand.